//Words Paint Pictures Too

Rain pours from the torn sky,

And I question the motive.

Drenching the world in tears,

With the sun so close behind.


Will it ever stop crying outside?


Will it ever stop?


//Lumen is a Camera Whore


She had a little too much to drink last night.

Lumen likes to live on the edge... oh snap, get it?

//Schizophonic Show Poster

Show poster I made for Lightburn Productions

//Dead End

Sometimes you have to make the best of a dead end.

//Eye See…

With my naked eye saw...

Lucid Muse is Born

Welcome to Lucid Muse.

I recently was let go from a position that finally allowed me to use some of my talents, and some of what I had been doing free for years… photography, graphics, social media and mainly, blogging.  I loved my job, but there was something holding me back from exploding in to that beautiful state of freedom with creativity… money.  I was doing it for someone else, which you generally get paid to do, and the pay wasn’t coming.  This meant I was not free to let all of my creative juices flow, so to speak.

I am not upset really, it was a great time while it lasted and I was able to learn some things.  However, here I sit mentally pacing and wanting, nay, needing a new ‘thing’.

Here is that new thing… my own personal blog that has endless possibilities, I can take it where I want it to go, feed it as much of my time as it hungers for and explore all that I have inside me in the world of creativity.

It’s time to take myself back, and yes, give it away again in the form of this blog.

Welcome friends, I look forward to sharing with you.

~Lucid Muse