Who is Lucid Muse?

I am silly!  Well, I meaning ‘Sadie’ that is.  I am a 30 year old dreamer and lover of art and design.  I have a few artistic bones in this body of mine that mainly rattle for photography and graphic design.  I wish I could say that I could paint, or draw or even sew, but I can’t.  I have a camera and a computer, and combined I can pump out some sort of art!

This blog is going to serve as my little slice of artistic heaven.  A place to unload my random late night musings.  A place that I can feel free to express myself through this form of art or that form over there.  I have a DeviantArt as well which is where I put almost all of my photography, but I will share my favorites here.  Each photo links to my DA so if you like my work and wish to see more, head on over.  I warn you… some of the photos in there are from a LONG time ago and the only reason I don’t kick them to the curb is that it is kind of fun looking back and seeing how far I have come, and of course, how far I still have to go.

What Else do you Have to Offer?

Well, I have another blog that used to be home to my life in the days spent working for a local salon.  I was laid off due to ‘company cut backs’ and now find myself unemployed.   Rather than stop blogging over there, I decided to keep rocking it and turn it in to something new, something with a mission.  The blog, Sadie the Receptionist, now is home to my new ‘Blog for a Job’ where I will be writing about my unemployed days, trying to find work, and of course HOPEFULLY I will be writing in it really soon and talking about my new place of work and the daily happenings there.

Sadie the Unemployed Receptionist <– Come visit me there too!